Honest Goods collection

Golescu Collection - Honest Goods is based on the search for a common ground between design and tradition. The result of this experimental project is a collection of imperfect geometry, but useful and honest in relation to history and the cultural landscape. The collection is part of the ProPatrimonio Foundation’s strategy to conceive a durable heritage brand. The collection of everyday utensils, connected to architectural heritage, is the result of a working process that fans out from the central point that is the Villa Golescu and crafts from the Muscel region, Romania and which sets out from the idea of a cultural landscape.
It took shape as a project/experiment in architecture and object design in dialogue with traditional everyday utensils. It represents a project whereby craftsmen from the Muscel region, Romania and designers can experiment and create objects inspired by traditional culture and adapted to contemporary needs. 

Honest goods #1 Chopping boards

 Honest goods #2 Culinary utensils

 Honest goods #3 Ceramic pots

 Honest goods #4 Outdoor

 Honest goods #5 Lighting

Golescu Collection - Honest Goods was co-created by a team of three designers: Andreea Machidon, Kaptura de Aer (Veronica Olariu) and Ruxi SacaliČ™

Credits photography: ©Alin Iacob and  ©Anton Marinescu